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Common Roofing Errors that Roofers Won’t Reveal

There are clear indicators of poorly executed roofing work that could result in expensive repairs and even roof failure. Although most roofers won’t reveal them, we’ve compiled a list of the most typical roofing errors you should be aware of.

Getting a new roof is a significant investment, so you should have confidence that it will be completed successfully without any additional work needed. Knowing what to check for and what may go wrong can prevent expensive surprises and premature roof failure.

The Roofing Contractor of Manchester, a roof repair contractor based in Manchester, Connecticut, has created a list of the most common roofing job mistakes you should keep an eye out for. Continue reading to learn more.

Mismatched Shingles

Non-matching roof shingles are one of the most common errors made by roofing contractors. This clear error occurs when a roofing contractor deals with more than one dealer and purchases roofing products from more than one source.

You may avoid this by selecting a roof repair contractor in Manchester, CT, who always purchases roofing materials from the same supplier.

Number of Shingle Layers

roof contractor in Manchester, CT

It may or may not be illegal to install a brand-new roof without removing the old ones, depending on your property’s location and building codes.

Before installing new roofing, your roof repair contractor in Manchester, Connecticut, can identify cracks, gaps, and other issues on your roof deck by removing the existing roof. Additionally, with an accurate roof inspection, you will have to load less equipment on your roof deck during the roofing project. This can prevent additional damage to your roofing structure.

On the other hand, commercial roofing systems are meant to be placed on top of an existing roof. But the number of layers and the deck’s integrity are inspected by a roof repair contractor in Manchester, CT, beforehand. This strategy saves money by eliminating the cost of removing and transporting the old roof. However, it may only be utilized on business roofs and following all applicable laws and regulations.

However, some roofers place new shingles or return solar shingles on top of the old ones, which might increase the roof’s original weight. In this instance, the roof’s structural supports are compromised, resulting in structural failure.

Disregarding the Attic

Your roof comprises many different parts, and the attic is a part of this complex system. Moisture in an insufficiently ventilated attic can hasten the depreciation of your roofing system and insulation, which can considerably increase your monthly energy expenditures if not rectified. Before installing a new roof, it is essential for your roof repair contractor in Manchester, CT, to evaluate the attic ventilation and fix any existing issues.

Improper Roof Slope

If you utilize roofing materials incompatible with your roof’s pitch, snow and rain could easily enter your home. Roofs built of asphalt, wood, or tile shingles, to name a few materials, must have four units of rise for every twelve units of run.

Not Following the Manufacturer's Instructions.

Roofing material manufacturers provide installation instructions for their products. Suppose the roof fails before the end of the guaranteed roof lifespan due to violating these requirements. In such a situation, the manufacturer might not honor the warranty.

Roofing Without Authorization

Avoid Poor Roofing Work – Hire the Finest Roof Repair Contractor in Manchester, CT​

In Manchester, Connecticut, installing a new roof without the required permits is illegal. The property owner’s sole duty is to secure all required permits.  Imagine a roof is installed without a permit. In such a circumstance, the property owner may be subject to fines, insurance denial, or possibly total roof removal.

Roofing Contractor Lacks Insurance Coverage

Suppose your Manchester roof repair contractor does not have appropriate insurance coverage. In that case, you may be liable for paying for damages or medical claims. Any reputable roofing contractor will have no problem providing evidence of insurance coverage, and homeowners can also contact the roofing company’s insurance company to confirm coverage.

Avoid Poor Roofing Work – Hire the Finest Roof Repair Contractor in Manchester, CT

Always use a competent roof repair contractor in Manchester, CT, to ensure a quality roofing job and avoid unwelcome roofing complications. Contact Roofing Contractor of Manchester, the leading roofing contractor in Manchester, Connecticut. They have served the residents and businesses of Manchester, Connecticut, for over two decades, focusing on client safety and satisfaction. Call them immediately for a free consultation and estimate on roofing!