5 Of The Worst Ideas to Protect Your Manchester, CT, Roof

5 Of The Worst Ideas to Protect Your Manchester, CT, Roof

One of the best ways to protect yours is to ensure your roof lasts for a long time, and you can do so through routine maintenance. And while there are multiple ways to keep a roof in its peak condition, there are also some ways that misguided homeowners follow, which leads to a roof getting seriously damaged. If these patterns continue, a homeowner may prematurely call for the help of a roofing company in Manchester, CT.

If you’re a homeowner keen on keeping their roof in good condition, we recommend you not to follow the ideas below.

1. Make a Gutter Garden

Gutter gardens look visually pleasing when hanging or placed on fences or stands—but putting them on your actual roof gutters? That’s a bad idea! By doing so, you’re intentionally putting obstructions on your gutters. Do your best to check up on your gutters periodically to ensure no debris can block the free-flowing cascade of water. Keep your gutters clean and free from obstructions, and your roof will thank you.

2. Take Missing Shingles for Granted

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If a strong storm recently hit your area, there’s a good chance that some of your shingles have been blown away. Multiple missing shingles may expose your roof’s seams to the elements, leading to water infiltration. 

The good news is missing roof shingles will not necessarily lead to an untimely roof replacement. However, if you want your roof to last or exceed its lifespan, we recommend you to approach a licensed roofing company in Manchester, CT, to check those missing shingles and see if your roof is still in good condition or not.

3. Not Minding the Overhanging Branches or Trees

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Are there any overhanging branches or trees near your roof? If so, it’s probably not a good idea to ignore them. The small branches, along with their leaves, may fall off and block your gutters. The large branches or even the tree itself may fall on your roof, putting you, your family, and your property at serious risk.

Overhanging branches and trees are a liability, especially when a storm is about to hit your property. Instead of allowing those branches to grow, what you can do is hire a roofing company to eliminate those liabilities.

4. Hangout On Your Roof

Hanging out with your friends or family on your roof may seem like a picturesque idea directly stolen from the movies – because it is! Unfortunately, walking around your roof unnecessarily may brush off the granules from the shingles. Things could even worsen if you wear shoes with thick soles like lug-soled work boots.

5. Use Power Tools on Your Roof

There’s nothing wrong with DIY-ing your home improvement projects, but once you use power tools on your roof, things can turn out ugly. Unless you’re a trained roofer working for a reputable roofing company in Manchester, CT, it is ill-advised not just for you but for all homeowners to use power tools on their roofs.

What Should You Do Instead?

Your roof is one of the most significant investments you can make for your property. Unfortunately, the ideas mentioned above will contribute to the shortening of your roof’s lifespan. So if you want to prolong your roof’s lifespan, you better follow the opposite of those ideas. Preventative maintenance is key to ensuring your roof will last for years. 

If you need help protecting yours, you’re in the right place. We here at Roofing Contractor of Manchester, CT, specialize in all-things roofing, including preventative maintenance and roofing inspections. Talk to us and get a free estimate for your next roofing project